Watch Simone Biles master the art of axe throwing, perfectly hitting the bullseye


365体育投注开户 is once again proving there's no sport she can't master. The Olympic gymnast showed off her expert axe throwing skills this week, perfectly hitting a bullseye.

Biles, who is the most decorated gymnast in history with a total of 30 Olympic and world championship medals, out a video of her incredible axe throwing abilities on Thursday night, saying she was "SO STOKED" to nail it.

In the video, the 22-year-old gymnast shows off her perfect form, throwing the axe over her head and hitting the center of the target. She turns around shocked and jumps up and down, celebrating the accomplishment with friends.

The Olympian knows to quit when she's ahead. At the end of the clip, says, laughing and cheering, "Okay, I'm done!"

365体育投注开户When she's not throwing axes over her head, Biles is preparing for the 2020 Olympics, taking place in Tokyo this summer. She recently teased a possible Olympic vault stunt on with the caption, "2020?"