Teachers, staff in Gahanna-Jefferson district surprised with personalized signs for Teacher Appreciation Week


GAHANNA, Ohio - 365体育投注开户If you're looking for validation all you need is a sign.

365体育投注开户"There are definitely days when it's hard to get motivated," Ashley Light said.

Ask Light. Ask Devan Obey. Ask any teacher. A sign takes many forms from an "A" on a test, to an "A-ha" moment of understanding, to a sweet note from a student happy about that day's lesson to a hug from their favorite teacher.

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365体育投注开户But in the heart of a pandemic, the heart of a teacher hurts.

"I think that it's tough," Obey said.

Obey teaches fourth grade. Light teaches kindergarten. Both teach at Goshen Lane Elementary School. They haven't seen their students in 60 days. Sure, they do online teaching and check-in with their students through video chats, but it's not the same. As for validation, lately, there's been no sign of that - at least until Monday.

"I think for a lot of us it was a pleasant surprise to kind of open our doors and see our school colors some of us haven't seen in awhile," Obey said.

365体育投注开户Obey received one earlier in the day. Light got her's almost at bedtime.

"My husband came upstairs and he was like 'There's somebody in our yard'," Light said. "And I ran downstairs, I was like 'I'm getting my sign, I think I'm getting my sign'."

365体育投注开户A sign of the times called for a surprise with a sign of appreciation.

"I think it helped brighten some days," Jill Elliott said.

365体育投注开户Elliott is the assistant superintendent with Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools. She says by Tuesday every teacher and staff member in the district got one; a personalized yard sign for Teacher Appreciation Week. In all, she says 585 signs were delivered, unknowingly, to the recipients' homes.

"We just felt like a surprise might bring a smile to their face and help them know that they're loved and supported and appreciated for all they're doing," Elliott said.

But what is a teacher without their students? Light and Obey say students need to be appreciated, too.

"I would thank them specifically for just being themselves and making me a better person," Obey said.

"I would thank them for all their hard work and I would tell them that I want to give them all a big hug again because they are just as much a part of this as we are," Light said.

Appreciation, even in a time of a pandemic...especially in a time of a pandemic...is the biggest sign of validation you'll ever need to look for.

Coronavirus: What you need to know

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