OSHP: More speeding drivers under Ohio's stay-at-home order

Ohio State Highway Patrol (WBNS-10TV)

Have you noticed drivers going a little faster than what they usually do? So has the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

They say even with fewer drivers on the road, they have given out more speeding tickets in the last few weeks as in the same time last year.

“What we are seeing is an increase in the speed citations that we are having to hand out,” Sergeant Nathan Dennis said.

OSHP gave out nearly 100 more tickets to people driving more than 100 miles per hour compared to the same time last year, with fewer people on the road.

“It's creating hazardous conditions for them out on the road because speed is the leading cause of crashes,” Sgt. Dennis said.

Sgt. Dennis says some may not realize how fast they are going, but troopers will still pull you over.

“Follow the traffic laws so that our troopers don't have to stop you and make that interaction,” he said.